Chi-Tannin 60 capsules

  • Chi-Tannin

    100% All Natural Health Supplement

    Chi-Tannin helps to prevent Chronic Diseases.

    Chi-Tannin – Specially formulated after years of research and improvement using food-based ingredients which could combat modern lifestyle diseases. These ingredients are highly regarded and recommended by scientists from all over the world. “Chi-Tannin” could condition the physiological state for optimum wellness and good health. It could also enhance the self-healing ability of the body, helping it fight against illnesses. For healthy body and mind, long-term consumption is recommended, “Improve your health” as you take Chi-Tannin.

    The Major Benefit:

    Helps to prevent Cardiovascular and Arteriosclerosis, Reduces Blood Lipids, maintain healthy blood pressure and blood sugar level, decrease the usage of western medicine. Strengthening the immunity system, constant supply of Selenium enriched elements Anti-oxidation, remove harmful free radicals, Prevents cancer and genetic mutation.

    • Lowering Cholesterol: May prevent the absorption of fats; raise the levels of HDL (high density lipoprotein) cholesterol while reducing levels of LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol. It will also reduce the recycling of bile acid, Improve liver function.
    • Reducing Blood Sugar Level: Helps regulate body pH so that it is at a weak alkali level. It will increase the usage of insulin, thus helping in the treatment of diabetes. It could also regulate the functions of the endocrine system, normalizing the secretion of insulin and inhibiting the rise in the levels of blood sugar.
    • Lowering of Blood Pressure: Positive charges excluding in vitro in combination with chloride ions in the body, making the converting enzyme activity and Angiotensin II reduced, adjustment of high density lipoprotein (HDL) and low density lipoproteins (LDL) normal, prevent Arteriosclerosis and other functions.
      Chi-Tannin also helps to inhibit blood pressure (could help reduce diastolic blood pressure and systolic blood pressure) and blood sugar level (inhibit lactase enzyme) as well as reduce blood cholesterol and LDL (low density lipoprotein) while increasing the levels of HDL (high density lipoprotein).
    • Regulates Immune System: Activation of immune function of lymphocytes in the body like the T-cells, B-cells, macrophages, NK cells, CAK cells that are responsible for acquired immunity in the body, thus strengthening the immunity system. Constant supply of Selenium enriched elements resistant to radiation, anti-mutagenic, inhibition of tumor cells, eliminating redundant free radicals and the remaining bad cells, rapidly built up body immunity, maintaining homeostasis.
    • Detoxification: Helps to strength the functions of the liver. Able to absorb and excrete remnants of harmful substances in the body such as heavy metals, toxins, pesticides, chemical dyes and other hazards etc. Removes harmful cholesterol, thus preventing arteriosclerosis and heart, brain and blood vessel diseases.
    • Remove harmful free radicals, Fight fatigue, Slow down ageing process: remove huge numbers of free radicals in the cell membrane in order to protect it and prevent the cell from sustaining damage which can cause the fall in energy , wrinkles, ageing spots and other ageing symptom and diminishes body immune system that could lead to multiple diseases.
    • Anti-radiation to reduce the damage to the body: Anti-radiation to reduce the toxicity of chemotherapy to remove excess free radicals and the residual cancer cells and prevent recurrence; rapid increase endurance, strengthen the therapeutic effect.

    Dosage: Oral, before or after meal
    Medical Care: 2 capsules 3 times daily
    Health Care: 1 – 2 capsules Twice daily.

    Chi-Tannin enable diabetic and high blood pressure patient gradually reduce dosages of western medication

    Chi-Tannin is effective in assisting the treatment of diabetic and high blood pressure, enable patient gradually reduce dosages of western medication within 6 month to 2 years, results various from individual condition.

    Dosage: 2 capsules 3 times daily in conjunction with existing western medication dosages. Continual scheduled monitoring of blood pressure and blood sugar level. Once improvement results in reduction of high blood pressure and high blood sugar level monitored, gradually reduce dosages of western medication till completely stop. Continual persistence consumption of Chi-Tannin will maintain good health.

    Who needs Chi-Tannin:

    Those who

    • Age prematurely or who are weak and sickly
    • Suffer from chronic illnesses like diabetes, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, low blood pressure
    • Perpetually feel drowsy and lethargic
    • Want a long and healthy life, want to prevent
    • Are regular alcoholic beverage drinkers, are above 40 years old and who are concerned about their health and want to age gracefully, are aware of the serious pollution problems connected with agriculture chemicals, fertilizers, etc and who would like to become more environmentally friendly and healthy.

    The major ingredients are:

    Tea Polyphenols (contains 80% and above of natural EGCG):

    The medical and health professionals call them the “jinx of radiation”. Helps to prevent cancer, free radicals and radiation. The natural elements in green tea could remove free radicals, slow the ageing process, prevent the development of cancer, lower blood cholesterol levels, regulate blood pressure and blood glucose levels, inhibits growth of bacteria and is anti-inflammatory.


    The scientific field calls it the sixth element of life, chitosan could prevent cancer, inhibit the growth and spread of cancer, enhance human immunity, protect the liver and aid in detoxification. It is especially suitable for patients with diabetes, liver and kidney diseases, high blood pressure, obesity, etc. It helps in preventing the cytopathic effect as well as complementing the effects of radiation and chemo therapy of tumours.

    Grape Seed P.E. (OPCs): Currently widely acknowledged worldwide as the natural anti-oxidant that could most effectively remove free radicals, Europeans call it the nutrition of youth , OPCs can promote blood circulation and improve cerebral hypoxia. It helps protect the heart, and alleviates pre-menstrual syndrome, etc.

    Natural Vitamin E: Slows down the ageing process and has whitening properties. Many call it the elixir of youth. Natural Vitamin E could directly capture free radicals. Before the free radicals attack the cells, it would react and neutralize them, thus removing the harmful effect they have upon human cells. resulting in oxidation and fall in energy, appearance of wrinkles, ageing spots, etc. The immunity would also weaken, causing many illnesses.

    Dry Yeast: Yeast contains good complete proteins, including several peptides and free amino acids which is vital for the proper functioning of the nervous system, cardiovascular system, hemopoietic function, reproductive system, eyesight, stress relief, improving hair texture and complexion.

  • Mr Tan: “I am Singaporean, My Name is Mr Tan, suffered from diabetic for more than 40 years. I also have heart attack for 6 years. 3 months back I have been diagnosed with liver cancer. I have gone for operation for my liver cancer. I have read your product from the morning paper, in knowing that your product has great healing effect on my liver cancer and diabetic. So I bought 7 bottlers. I took 20 capsules daily, 7 capsules in the morning, 7 capsules in the afternoon and 6 capsules in the evening. After taking your product for 3 days, I measured my sugar level, and it has dropped 5-6. Up till now, my blood sugar has been maintained. I firmly believe that your product will greatly benefit me to recoup my health after my operation. I will consistently take your product till I have fully recovered. Thanks so much for company in introducing such a great product that regain my confidence.”

    Mr Lu Kang Ping: “I have suffered from high blood pressure (150/90) sugar level. I am on western medication for the past 2 years. 6 months ago, I have come to know about your product. I took 6 capsules daily, 2 capsules in the morning, afternoon and evening. As of today my blood pressure has been maintained. I do not feel dizzy any more! Slowly I cut off from my western medication. I am convinced of your product and will take it diligently. This is my personal experience and would like to share more experiences with you guys in the future. Thanks!”

    Ms Corina Lai: “I was taking Atenolol 12.5 mg to control my mild high blood pressure and Simvastatin 10 mg to control my cholesterol level. In July 2011, I was introduced by a Chinese physician to take Chi-tannin. I took 6 tablets of Chi-tannin a day and after three months, I reduced my Atenolol in-take to 9.3 mg. One year after taking Chi-tannin in June 2012, I stopped taking Atenolol and my intake of Simvastatin reduced to 5mg a day.I monitored my blood pressure weekly and it remained around 129 / 67. My cholesterol level is also under control. I plan to continue taking 6 tablets of Chi-tannin for another year.I strongly recommend Chi-tannin to those with high blood pressure and high cholesterol.”

    Ms Wendy Ng Poh Lay:“I hereby testify that after consuming the chi-Tannin pills for three months twice a day, my blood pressure had improved from 160/100 to 138/80 which was great and also during the same period I didn’t consume the western high blood pressure pills and confirmed by the hospital yearly check-up and the western doctor was surprised of my great improvement and I highly recommend taking chi-tannin.”

    Mr Xue- I found out I had high blood pressure when I was 58 years old. Its level was above 160/95.I often feel dizzy and my eyesight was screwed up. I had to rely on medication for the next seven years to lower my blood pressure. But the medication sometimes did not work as well, and twice I had to change to different brands.In 2009, when I was 65, I was introduced to “Chi-Tannin”. It is highly effective. After just a month of consuming it, I no longer needed my blood pressure medication. My blood pressure has remained stable at 140/80 for the last year. My eyesight is also no longer screwed. I slept especially well. I am more alert now. As it is an all natural health supplement, I plan to take it for the long term.

    Mr Chen– I suffer from multiple illnesses. My liver is entering the stage of cirrhosis; my stomach and esophagus suffer from exulceratio simplex. I feel discomfort even when I swallow. Fortunately, I was introduced to “Chi-Tannin” in 2010. I have been taking it for the past six months now. It is very effective. I no longer feel discomfort when I swallow. Examination of my stomach and liver shows improvement in my condition. I have decided to continue taking it until I am fully recovered.

    Madam Lang–My health is weak. For more than ten years, I have been consulting many doctors and taken many different medication. But my condition did not really see much improvement. So I no longer harbor much hope for getting better through medication and treatment. Luckily, I was introduced to “Chi-Tannin” in 2010. After about three months, I felt so much better. Six months later, I feel stronger and more energetic. “Chi-Tannin” is a miracle. I will continue taking it.

    Madam Deng (68 years old)-Started experiencing occasional dizzy spells from 2004. It would strike anytime, so it was very inconvenient if I was on my feet. Then by 2006, the dizziness became a more regular affair. I did not consult a doctor but instead chose to take flu medication to help relieve the symptoms. One day, while I was at the bank, I was suddenly unable to walk any further. I had to support myself leaning against the wall as I stumble to the emergency department of the hospital where they put me on the drip. By September 2008, I began experiencing vertigo where everything around me began to spin. I also felt nauseous. Again, I was unable to walk on my own and had to be sent to the hospital. A CT scan of my brain found that there is arteriosclerosis in the main artery in my hindbrain. My blood pressure was also very high, the systolic pressure being 210.My condition improved somewhat after medication. By mid-March and end-April 2010, I suffered a relapse. Again, I felt dizzy, had difficulty walking and felt nauseous. I was put on the drip of ku die zi and was taking the Chinese patented medicine Tian Dan Tong Luo capsules and some Western medication. My systolic pressure fluctuated between 205 and 150. My condition improved but I still experienced a little dizziness sometimes. These bouts would last between half an hour to two hours.I started taking “Chi-Tannin” from August 2010. Within a month, by end September, my dizzy spells had been reduced to about six times. My blood pressure maintained at a normal level. I also have fewer issues with walking. From then till now, my blood pressure remained stable. My systolic pressure is 140 while my diastolic pressure is 90. I no longer experienced dizziness or suffer from high blood pressure.

    Testimony with Medical Report