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Prevent Breast & Ovarian Cancer

Dont allow your body to fall victim to issues related to female health. Alleviate discomfort caused by menstrual syndrome and relieve discomfort caused by menopausal symptoms.

Prevent Men Issues & Prostate Cancer

Prostate issue plagues men and can lead to serious problems such as cancer over time. Maintain a healthy prostate today and be in good health with Prostate Health today.

For Beautiful & Radiant Skin

Beauty starts from within! It starts from the inside and shines on the outside. Let your natural beauty shine through with our Radiant Health and Sleep Placenta today!

Maintain Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Level

Dont let chronic illnesses happen to you. Prevent them with Chi-Tannin, which helps to enhance self-healing ability of your body, fight against illnesses and improve your overall wellness.

About Us

We are committed to help you achieve a healthier, wealthier you. was set up with the goal of helping consumers to live a healthier, happier and wealthier life. We believe that without a healthy life, individuals will not be able to enjoy the fullness of life!

We have dedicated our time to the research and development of supplements products based on the fusion of modern medical practices and clinical research both in Singapore and abroad.

We are proud to say that we have invested in up-to-date and independently verified scientific research. Every research done and every process involved in the creation of our products is carefully considered. Every ingredients used are also subject to a thorough and rigorous testing regime.

  • Dedicated to Research & Development
  • Understanding Needs of Our Customers
  • Develop A Money Saving Program For Our Customers
  • Provide Important Health Tips


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